Wellness at Healthplex

Each month, Indianapolis Healthplex offers health and wellness events for members and non-members, including lunch and learns, health fairs, screenings, awareness events and more. Join us!

For information on wellness programs at Indianapolis Healthplex please contact 317-920-7400.

Medically Referred Exercise Program

If your doctor believes you need exercise to help with a variety of health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity, we have an exercise program at Indianapolis Healthplex that can help you. The Exercise is Medicine™ initiative was launched by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association to encourage physicians to prescribe exercise for their patients. Through this initiative, our Medically Referred Exercise Program (MRE) was created to help improve the lives of individuals who need medical supervision to begin an exercise program.

You can join the MRE program with a prescription from your physician, even if you are not currently a member of our club. Through this program, you can receive full access to our facility and programs, and a consultation with one of our degreed fitness professionals. We have seen many individuals improve their health through our MRE Program. Positive changes from those who have gone through this program have included weight loss, improved health, reduction in medications, and improved fitness levels.


To learn more about MRE, please contact Mario Barrios-Chavez at 317-920-7400 or via email.

Body Composition Measurements

Body Composition Analyzer by seca

The Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) by seca is the first and only body composition analyzer designed for medical use. It offers a quick and easy assessment of fat mass, body water and skeletal muscle mass. Medically-precise measurements are presented in easy-to-understand graphics and validated against gold standards.

The mBCA scan is available to Healthplex members for only $10. Call today to schedule!

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The Health Risk Assessment is a comprehensive fitness assessment where our degreed and credentialed trainers discuss your prior medical history and exercise history. They also discuss your daily habits at work and home that may lead to any postural dysfunctions. A degreed and certified trainer will also take the following baseline metrics: - Blood Pressure - Heart Rate - Circumference - Body Fat % - Muscle Composition – Metabolism


Functional Movement Screen (FMS) 

The FMS is unique to Indianapolis Healthplex and is designed to tell us about mobility/stability issues within the joints and any asymmetries that may lead to injuries. This will allow us to approach the body and its movement patterns correctly and not put movement on top of dysfunction. Upon analysis of foundational metrics and the functional movement screen, a 4-6 week customized program will be created that encompasses your goals and corrects any limitations your muscles/joints may be experiencing. This program is designed to get you to your goals in the safest most efficient way possible.

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